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IoT & Big Data: The User Experience Enhancer

Technology advancement has come along way from the bulky computers that your grandparents own to currently a smartphones which capabilities that are match to the power of a laptop.

In this current age, almost everything we use is connected to the internet and can be considered as an access point. From your smartphones, washing machine, lights, speakers and many more devices now has access to the internet and exchange data to one another and also to the companies as to understand on the user’s product consumption. This is also known as Internet of Things(IoT). This IoT devices or products allow marketers to have insights and better understand the consumers which allows them to have a more relevant marketing message to its intended target audience.

To see how IoT works we will be using the top streaming app which is Spotify.

Spotify has always been an app that allows you to literally enjoy music at your convenience. With Spotify Connect it allows you to use your device that you have in your pocket and control the other devices that has Spotify enable features. So it ranges from wireless speakers to smart TV and even to Smart Refrigerator.

Yes, basically any devices that you could set Spotify on allows you to control the streaming of music real-time. It also doesn’t require you to be on location, as long as the device has access to the internet you are ready to go. Think of the things you could do with this feature.

With the increase in IoT, there would be a rise in Big Data which are big data sets that are collected and then analysis for companies to understand the behavioral and patterns of the consumers.

To make it easier to understand we will also use Spotify as the example. Does it makes you wonder how Spotify knows what to recommend you through their Discovery page which its title is Made For You?

It is thanks to the million hours of streaming that users have done on the services which are collected as data which allows them to cater each and every users in their taste of music. Which is crazy when you realize that there are 217 million users of Spotify worldwide and they are able to tailor daily mixes for the users based on their listening patterns and taste. Even when you share a song from Spotify to your Instagram and Facebook are also collected as data to improve the experience and better understand on your like and dislike taste on music preference.

Another way Spotify change in their marketing campaign through the years thanks to Big Data will be its yearly affair of Spotify Unwrapped. It showcases all the data they collected over each year which show the different data that is found such as ‘ Top Songs of the Year’, ‘Most Listen Genre’, ‘New Genre to listen to’, ‘The Ones That Got Away’ and many more.

The campaign was so detailed that for 2019 they compiled the top songs the user streamed for every year and the decade which is madness if you think about it. You couldn’t even remember which songs you were listening in the year 2016.

With the usage of IoT and Big Data it definitely enhances the experience for its users. But at what cost?

As Big Data are collected by the companies handling them there are on-going issues such as data breach, discrimination and unfair analysis. With so much data collected some could say the privacy concern that occurs is also the companies might know more about the person then they know about themselves. Which is quite creepy if you think about it….

So in conclusion IoT and Big Data definitely has impacted in the change of how marketing should be and also enhances the user experience in using the products. It does bring benefits such as personalize marketing which are much accurate and felt more personal. It also can cause for the companies to misuse the data collected which is a breach in privacy.

So what do you guys think? Share your thoughts & share what was your top songs in your Spotify Wrapped down in the comment section below.

We’ll see you again on the next post

By Taufiq Azahar

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